Product and Interaction Design

Bringing the future into focus.

Currently Product Design Lead at Google, I lead teams to envision, design, and deliver products which define our connected future.

I view technology as a medium and use it to explore and demonstrate new ways of solving design problems.

Products I deliver are web-based, app-based and move beyond screen-based solutions into our increasingly connected physical environment.



Use participatory and iterative design techniques to define conceptual models and experience strategies for cross-platform, physical, and digital products.

Produce design deliverables using interactive prototypes, motion studies, personas, research and test plans, competitive analysis, application maps, information architectures, user flows, wire frames, screen designs, and product road maps.

Plan and advise on how designs will be realized using iOS, Material, and Bootstrap.


Lead, manage, and mentor multidisciplinary teams of visual designers, interaction designers, front-end engineers, and strategists.

Facilitate product planning and alignment workshops to guide conceptual thinking with C-level executives and product teams.

Provide guidance and expertise to the interaction design group, actively speak and write about contemporary design issues.


Plan and estimate design and front end development activities that feed agile software development processes.

Systematize designs into screen elements, components, and layouts that bridge design to front-end code.

Produce interactive prototypes using modern prototyping workflows with tools such as Sketch and Framer.js.

Familiar with front-end engineering patterns, modern web tool-chains, and Xcode.

Comfortable with the command line and know just enough Ruby and Swift to be dangerous.


Plan and execute qualitative and quantitative research to drive product innovation, product concepts, and feature definition.

Create hypotheses and supporting design stimulus for use in iterative build-measure-learn customer feedback cycles.

Synthesize research into insight that demonstrates a clear path from design vision to product features, user stories, and requirements.

Use primary and secondary research to understand competitive landscape and position products within category.

Produce and validate product roadmaps that show staging of features and prioritization based on level of effort and value to business and customer.


In addition to design and technology, I am passionate about good coffee, running, rock climbing, and being outdoors.

I am open to meeting like-minded people who share a passion for making the world a better place.

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